Mixed fodder production increased by 4% in Russia

Mixed fodder production increased by 4% in Russia

6 September 2023

The development of fodder production, the improvement of technologies and recipes in this area has a direct influence on the efficiency of livestock production. Amidst the variety of ready-made feed for farm animals, the main volume falls on compound feed.

From June to January, their production increased by 4% in our country and reached 17.4 million tons. Out of these, - 1.5 million tons (+ 6.3%) allocated for for cattle, 7.4 million tons (+ 5.8%) for pigs, 8.4 million tons (+ 2.1%) for poultry. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, about 35 million tons of mixed fodder will be produced in 2023.

445 factories are engaged in its production in Russia. Over 65% of the total volume is provided by enterprises of the Central and Volga Federal Districts. The main share of production falls on feed for poultry and pigs - more than 90%.