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Natur-tek, a research and production company for feed additives on the basis of plant extracts and ingredients is based in Russia, having branches for research activities and raw materials preparation in France, China.

Phytom Biotic

A complex phyto-drug, made from essential oils and plant extracts, having intense antimicrobial characteristics and antiseptic functions, which increases the feed digestibility efficiency

Phytom Protect

A synergistic mix of minerals, hydrated aluminosilicate, laminaria extract, thymol extract to precaution mycotoxicosis and prevent liver necrosis increases the  livestock animals and birds immunity

Phytom Capcin

A phyto-drug containing extracts of paprika  processed according to patented technology is characterized by intense antioxidant properties, which highly increases metabolism under thermal stress

Phytom H2O

Equipment for natural disinfection of potable water, using patented technologies of permanent automated electrolysis, increases the qualitative indicators of potable water  


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