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Evoteck Srl means many years of experience in the international market for the construction of livestock farms and high Italian quality zootechnical equipment. The company uses its own innovative solutions and it is specialized in the design and construction of modern high-tech PIG COMPLEXES and "TURNKEY" POULTRY FACTORIES, SLAUGHTERING HOUSES, BIOGAS and WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANTSEvoteck does not disregard the issues of FARM WASTES RECYCLING, introducing effective, affordable and quickly payback technologies. By this reason the client does not receive 3rd class danger wastes, but a ready-made organic odorless fertilizer with a balanced content of basic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus , potassium), meso and micro elements. This product can be used for own needs or sold on the fertilizer market. Separately, I would like to note that each of the implemented waste processing technologies has already been introduced in Russia.Evoteck means, first of all, high quality, affordable technologies and an individual approach!