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AgroPromInform Journal is a monthly theoretical, scientific and practical сutting edge periodical, specialized in agriculture. Original creative design and high-quality print are combined with scientific, educational, research and information-analytical study of the topics in the journal. The main profile of the AgroPromInform Journal is scientific-industrial, technological and theoretical approach of the published materials relating to the main branches of agriculture: livestock production, crop science, storage and processing of agricultural products. All the issues of the research and informational support of agribusiness are covered in the journal.


Biochem is a leading producer of innovative and effective feed additives and feed solutions for sustainable growth and health support of different animal species all over the world.


FSBI Central Scientific and Methodological Veterinary Laboratory (FSBI CNMVL) subordinating to Rosselkhoznadzor is one of the most famous diagnostic and educational centers in Russia.

The geography of FSBI CNMVL covers 9 regions of Russia, including Moscow, Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga, Lipetsk, Orel, Kursk, Vladimir, Samara. The institution has 6 testing laboratories.

The institution's specialists conduct research on a wide range: of food products and food raw materials of animal and vegetable origin to quarantine and plant protection, seed production, as well as grain. In testing laboratories it is possible to conduct veterinary research, assess sowing qualities of seeds and planting material, quality and safety of grain, leguminous plants and oilseeds, as well as their processed products – cereals, flour, mixed feed, establish quarantine phytosanitary condition of products under quarantine.

Also, an inspection body which assesses the conformity of products and objects in the declared area of ​accreditation with the issuance of expert opinions, operates on the basis of the institution.

For 75 years of its existence, the institution has passed a long historical way having accumulated rich experience in veterinary laboratory diagnostics and gained considerable prestige in the veterinary service.


Novosibirsk poultry Farm is one of the leading producers of broiler chicken meat in the region. The factory was founded in 1985 and now produces more than 40 thousand tons of products per year. The production operates a full cycle "from field to shelf", starting from the breeding of the parent broiler herd and the production of mixed feed and ending with the delivery of products to retail chains.

The product range is a separate pride of the company. Over the years of its existence, many types of cutlets, dumplings, sausages, rolls have been created. The variety in the Novosibirsk poultry farm is more than 200 types of products. The main thing is, of course, the freshest chicken meat, which is delivered directly from the factory every day.

Delicious semi-finished products for a quick dinner, everyone's favorite dumplings, a variety of sausages and delicacies. And for the upcoming barbecue season, the manufacturer has a wide range of marinade products and sausages for grilling, products for grilling.

Experienced technologists work to give their inventions a unique taste. After all, the creation of delicacies is truly an author's art.


The company "Technoinzhstroy" designs, develops and supplies wastewater treatment and water treatment systems. Produces a full cycle of construction engineering, develops traditional schemes and resource-saving schemes at the same time, which improve both the economy of production and their environmental friendliness. Manufactures and installs pumping stations of any complexity (performance), performs welding and installation of pipelines made of stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 316L), plastic. It is engaged in the manufacture and supply of capacitive equipment according to the technological requirements of production.


The "UralAgroMontazh" company successfully works in the field of reconstruction and construction of poultry and pig farms, it carries out high-quality installation of hen houses, pigsties, incubators, slaughter complexes, waste disposal shops, the warranty and service, as well as training staff of livestock farms equipment basics. We have implemented more than 200 completed objects throughout Russia and Kazakhstan - we have much to be proud of!


We manufacture all models of layer cages from 2 to 12 tiers including all models of the enriched colony systems, all models of rearing cages from 2 to 12 tiers, all model of enriched cages, alternative systems/aviary and layer breeders, feeding systems (hoppers, flat chain, spiral), egg collection systems (lifters, de-escalators, elevators or rod conveyors), drinking equipment (nipple, cups, water tanks), manure handling and drying systems, (scrapers, augers, belts, chain conveyors), feed bins and feed augers, automatic broiler cages, and turnkey projects.


VETLINES is a distributor of pro-health and pro-ecological preparations for animals. All products are based on natural ingredients and created in cooperation with animal nutrition specialists, research centers in Poland and abroad, and a large group of specialized veterinarians. VETLINES preparations enable the prevention, support and sometimes also treatment of many diseases and ailments in animals.



VSO Profil LLC designs, manufactures and supplies complete metal structures for agricultural buildings: poultry houses, pig houses, cattle breeding farms, warehouses for storing agricultural products, slaughterhouses, sorting and processing shops, refrigerators.

The company is the No.1 supplier of buildings for agriculture. It has 20 years of experience in the industry. Own production and design office. The products are certified according to Russian and international standards.

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